Fortunately Becoming a Professional Sportsbook Player

Fortunately Becoming a Professional Sportsbook Player

Fortunately Becoming a Professional Sportsbook Player – Having a professional player label in playing online gambling already means that you are a player who can earn profits more easily.

Dirk Paulsen seems like a normal, carefree guy in his 60s. But the difference between him and his friends was that he made a living by gambling. Dirk itself is a combination of gambler characters. Dirk Paulson is a math genius and football fan out there.

More than just being a victim of gambling addiction. This is the same as millions of other people who are willing to squander money just to place a bet and then regret it after drinking a few bottles of wine. However, unlike Dirk, he can actually support his family from his gambling hobby. His life story sounds crazy, but like his conversation in an interview with VICE media, everyone is starting to understand why he chose to be a gambler and make a living from gambling. Here’s a summary of Dirk’s chats that we’ve put together for you. He mentioned that he currently lives in a large apartment with his family. And he makes a living by gambling, what he fears is that if he loses, his children won’t be able to eat, and his mortgage payments will fail.

It’s Like Being A Professional Gambler

Of course, in this case, he must be stressed, but he always wins when gambling, even though he expresses a lot of pressure. Mainly because there is always a temptation to place bets on statistics and follow personal instincts. The problem was that if he thought irrationally, he could lose a lot of money. Now, he had enough experience to keep a clear head while gambling.

Football Betting Losing Experience

Until 2008, he admitted to always betting on his own if Paulson already had a business partner. At that time, his weekly income exceeded IDR 158 million. But one day he lost 474 million rupiah in the game. From time to time, there must have been times when he was unlucky. But in that situation, the most important thing was that he always had to stand up. On the other hand, he must also be able to stay in good condition for as long as possible without fail. As we know, gambling in football is a matter of the ball in the net, or a matter of hockey or luck. In this case, he performs calculations by developing programs using the mathematical formulas he learns.

He explained that the gambling he played had nothing to do with luck. He never used instinct alone. Everything happens and is done based on calculations. As we all know, he once studied mathematics. But since the beginning, he has often played in the world of gambling. Then developed a gambling calculation program in college, and then began to enter the world of gambling. The first things he tried were backgammon and blackjack. Only then did he start gambling on football.

Gambling while Young

Dirk Paulsen started gambling at the age of 24. For the first time, a friend showed me a betbola88 slip for SSP overseas betting. Where did you participate in oral gambling at that time? Dirk Paulsen didn’t know anything about this game at first, but then he decided to join. I still remember Dirk Paulson was very angry at that time because he dropped 10 points. After that, he started to think and make calculations

How to Measure Team Luck

Dirk Paulsen uses an example to explain it. For example, Werder Bremen attacked and had a chance to shoot from distance, maybe about 20 yards from the opponent’s goal. Then they will take chances, they will shoot, but it will be a small goal. Instead, Bayern players will look for friends who are in a better position to pass the ball before shooting. In addition, teams with better offensive abilities tend to take advantage of opportunities in a better way. So even Lewandowski had chances to score.

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